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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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The purpose of this study is to explore how the French School of Cello technique evolved over two and a half centuries and how it has influenced cello playing and pedagogy in the United States and in Canada, and whether it is still possible to distinguish it from other schools of bow and left hand technique. The study includes a historical background and overview of the origins of the French cello school: its importance and influence on today's major schools of cello playing, a comparison of the world's five major cello schools, and a proposal of the existence of a Global school of cello playing that has evolved in North America. A cello family tree in Chapter 4 traces the multiple cello school influences on the author. Interviews of five established cello teachers in North America are discussed in Chapter 5. Appendices include the unabridged interviews of the five cellists and a table of content of Bazelaire's Méthode.


French Cello; Cello History; North America Cello