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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Vocal Performance (Music)

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Dean J. Southern

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Concepts of choral and solo singing diverge among the masses of pedagogues, teachers, and conductors who have differing opinions about healthy vocal technique and training. These differences have generated tension within some university music programs, with choral faculty and voice faculty sometimes on opposing sides. This document presents answers from professional singers who engage in choral and solo singing while maintaining a healthy vocal technique. All subjects interviewed for this document were asked to speak in detail to vocal adjustments made to sing in different styles. In addition, they were asked to identify any vocal faults that may arise from improper vocal production. The goal of this document is to lay grounds for valuable discussion regarding the opposing perspectives found in some academic circles with regard to proper vocal technique and training for choral and solo singing.


Choral; Conductors; Voice; Teachers; Solo; Singing; Communication; Vibrato; Conflict; Vocal; Adjustments; Problems