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Composer Joseph Willcox Jenkins (b. 1928), longtime professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylania (since 1961) and the first arranger for the United States Army Chorus (1956-1959), has composed and arranged a prolific amount of choral music, much of which has remained unpublished. After presenting a brief biography of Jenkins, this essay examines a sample of seven of his choral works, with analyses and scores of each. Catalogs of the choral compositions to which he assigned opus numbers and his U.S. Army Chorus arrangements follow, along with a classified list of remaining choral works and arrangements. The document concludes with the transcription of a conversation between Jenkins and the author about his career and music. It is hoped that this resource for choral musicians will encourage a more widespread knowledge of Jenkins’ choral music, providing increased possibilities for performance and further study.


Joseph Willcox Jenkins; choral music; catalog; 20th-century