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The purpose of this essay is to encourage the study and performance of trumpet concertos written by notable contemporary composers. The essay focuses on two outstanding trumpet concertos composed in recent years: Lowell Liebermann’s Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, op. 64 and John Williams’ Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra. The essay specifically provides the following information: 1) a concise history of the concerto for trumpet, 2) a short biography of Lowell Liebermann and John Williams, 3) the history of Liebermann’s and Williams’ concertos for trumpet, 4) musical analysis of both concertos, 5) a soloist’s practice and performance guide to both works, and 6) a short list of other contemporary trumpet concertos worthy of study. Both Liebermann’s and Williams’ trumpet concertos acknowledge established musical convention, and neither uses any experimental performance techniques. However, both works are written in their own distinctive harmonic language, and each provides its own unique modifications to traditional forms and melodic shapes. Hopefully, this essay will advance the status of Liebermann’s Trumpet Concerto and Williams’ Trumpet Concerto in the history of the trumpet concerto genre and serve as a resource for those who wish to research, study, and perform Liebermann’s Concerto, Williams’ Concerto, or other contemporary trumpet concertos.


Trumpet; John Williams; Lowell Liebermann; Pedagogy; Performance; Music Analysis