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Since the renewed interest in Baroque music in the twentieth century, no instrument has been more vexing for performers than the horn. The valveless Baroque horn, coupled with the anachronistic technique of clarino playing places hornists at a major disadvantage when faced with music of the Baroque Period. This study is an equipment guide that can be used as a starting point for conquering the upper-register, sound quality, and endurance challenges posed by Baroque horn writing. Chapter Two focuses on the options available to present-day period horn performers. Although it is not practical to perform on original Baroque horns, there are a number of craftsmen creating replicas of historical models that are available to today’s performers. A discussion of performance techniques as well as different approaches to horn design is included with pictures of original instruments and historical replicas. Chapter Three is of interest to artists performing on the modern horn. It examines specialty instruments and interchangeable components and includes relevant images. Chapter Four is a list of recommended recordings that demonstrate the options offered by this essay. Chapter Five consists of the conclusions of the study.


french horn; baroque horn; natural horn; hunting horn; descant horn; corno da caccia