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Instrumental Performance (Music)

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The purpose of this study was to identify the specific advanced clarinet techniques in which further knowledge is required and to provide a resource for band directors to aid in the instruction of these techniques. In order to determine results, a survey was administered to high school band directors who are members of the Florida Bandmasters Association (N = 131). Sixteen band compositions were selected based on survey responses for analysis of technical challenges ranging from grade levels 4-6 on the Florida Bandmasters Association Concert Music List. The results of the band composition analysis and the survey responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics and topics to be included in the guide were chosen based on these results.

The first part of this essay details the need for the study, a review of literature, the method of the study, the results of the study and a summary/conclusions section which includes implications for further research. The second part of this essay is the resource guide for band directors. The topics that were selected to be included in the guide are: Embouchure, Tone, Intonation and Tuning, Hand Position and Finger Technique, The Break, Altissimo, Articulation, Auxiliary Clarinets and Reeds, Equipment and Care. An appendix is also included which provides further resources for solo repertoire, method and etude books and a discography.


Clarinet; Clarinet Resource Guide; Clarinet Section Improvement; Band Director Help; High School Clarinet; Music