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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Vocal Performance (Music)

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Donald T. Oglesby

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"In Praise of Music": A Motivation for Choral Conductors, is a conductor’s survey of four contemporary works for chorus all titled "In Praise of Music." This study was created in tandem with the recital presentation of two of the works by composers David Conte and David Frank Long and an additional two works by Keith Bissell and Paul Hindemith. Each work is different in style, in the choice of text, in accompaniment, and in the choral forces required. There is no single text titled "In Praise of Music" from which each composer might have begun the creative process. What binds these works together is the concept that music carries emotion and shares it with those who hear it. Bissell requires orchestra, an Orff instrument ensemble, satb mixed chorus and women’s chorus in his music with texts from four different poets: Alfred, Lord Tennyson; John Dryden; William Shakespeare; and Robert Herrick. David Conte’s work is set for chorus, six soloists, semi-chorus, and orchestra. Conte also chose the texts for his work from three poets; Thomas Carew, John Dryden, and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Paul Hindemith’s work, set to a text by Martin Luther, offers many different performance options as it is meant to be performed by non-professional musicians and singers, using whoever might be available. "Our Song (In Praise of Music)" was commissioned by this writer for his D.M.A recital performance. Composer David Frank Long wrote both the text and music for the work. The essay includes biographical information on each composer and poet and the texts used for each work. There is also a structural chart and compositional analysis of each work.


In Praise of Music; Praise; David Conte; Paul Hindemith; Keith Bissell; David Frank Long; Music; Choral