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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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Gary D. Green

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The purpose of this essay is to present wind band conductors with a comprehensive catalog of music written for the medium since the year 1995. This study provides new information and research that, to this date, only existed for orchestral, choral, and pop(s) music. For each work listed, this document provides its date of origin, duration, exact instrumentation, and publisher. There are a number of appendices that further classify the repertoire by composer, title, and duration. The document concludes with a detailed publisher listing, a catalog of numerous compositions about which information is not readily available, and a directory of composers for future study, consideration, and inclusion in this project. The data for this study are collected through three different methods. The primary method of gathering composition information is through viewing and reading specific composers’ and their publishers’ websites. The second method includes searching for specific music scores through numerous band libraries across the country. The third method is through correspondence with the actual composer with regard to specific pieces where information is not available through the initial two methods. It is my intention to present band directors and their ensembles of varying abilities a valuable tool when selecting appropriate repertoire written in the last sixteen years.


band; repertoire; literature; catalog; music; composer