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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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Rene Gonzalez

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Dennis Kam

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Glenn Basham

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Raphael Padron


This manual will present seven skills/concepts that will ultimately allow a student to tap into their own imagination in order to originate musical ideas and produce these on the guitar. The seven skills/concepts presented in the manual have proven to be helpful in a guitarist’s ability to reproduce and originate musical ideas on their instrument. The first skill/concept (Chapter 2) will introduce and develop the divisions of an octave using intervallic study. The second skill/concept (Chapter 3) will expose and develop an understanding of the overtone series. The third (Chapter 4) will discuss the tuning of the guitar and the complications that arise from its unique tuning. The fourth (Chapters 5-11) will establish an ability to recognize and produce interval construction on the guitar. The fifth skill/concept (Chapter 12) will expose and develop a process of ear-training that uses the overtone series as its foundation. The sixth (Chapter 13) will develop one’s ability to create musical ideas using intervallic "seeds" as a catalyst for musical origination. The seventh skill/concept (Chapters 14-15) will be to understand the principles behind chord construction on the guitar using the intervallic skills previously described above.


Improvisation; Musical origination; Guitar; Fretboard; Interval; Melodic Improvisation