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The relationship between faculty members’ perceptions of the quality of the faculty-administrator relationship, and faculty intent to stay at one’s institution was examined at a Florida-based, multi-campus, non-profit, career-focused university. The pool of potential participants included the total population of 1,085 full-time and part-time campus-based undergraduate and graduate faculty. Survey instruments included: Leader-Member Exchange Version 7 (LMX-7) Questionnaire (faculty-administrator relationship); Price and Mueller’s (1986) Measure of Turnover Intent (Intent to Stay); Mowday, Steers and Porter’s (1979) Measure of Organizational Commitment as adopted by Daly and Dee (2006); and Heneman and Schwab’s (1985) Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire as adopted by Neumann & Finaly-Neumann, (1990). Data were collected anonymously through an internet based questionnaire. Results indicated that years teaching at the institution, Pay Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment were predictors of Intent to Stay. Although LMX-7 was a significant variable predicting Intent to Stay, it became non-significant when Organizational Commitment was included in a hierarchical regression. Potential implications for practical application, theory development, and future research are discussed.


Keiser University; LMX-7; faculty intent to stay; organizational commitment; faculty-administrator relationships; career-focused university