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My lecture recital on Leo Ornstein focuses on his first and last notated piano sonatas. Piano Sonata No. 4 was composed in 1924 and Piano Sonata No. 8 in 1990. Biographical information is presented and followed by a study of the two sonatas discussing Ornstein’s compositional process and the elements which are present in both sonatas. Information is included from conversations with Leo Ornstein’s son, Severo Ornstein, as well as pianists Marc-Andre Hamelin and Janice Weber. A final chapter reviewing performance considerations addresses my approach in learning these two works. The performance segment includes excerpts from both sonatas which illustrate compositional traits, the first movements of both sonatas, and one of the four vignettes comprising the second movement of Sonata No. 8.


piano; sonata no. 8; sonata no. 4; Leo Ornstein; piano sonatas