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Applied Marine Physics (Marine)

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Brian Haus

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Shuyi S. Chen

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Mark A. Donelan

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William M. Drennan


The enthalpy (sensible and latent heat) exchange processes within the surface layers at an air-water interface have been examined in 15-m wind-wave tunnel at the University of Miami. Measurements yielded 72 mean values of fluxes and bulk variables in the wind speed (referred to 10 m) range form 0.6 to 39 m/s, covering a full range of aerodynamic conditions from smooth to fully rough. Meteorological variables and bulk enthalpy transfer coefficients, measured at 0.2-m height, were adjusted to neutral stratification and 10-m height following the Monin-Obukhov similarity approach. The ratio of the bulk coefficients of enthalpy and momentum was estimated to evaluate Emanuel's (1995) hypothesis. Indirect "Calorimetric" measurements gave reliable estimates of enthalpy flux from the air-water interface, but the moisture gained in the lower air from evaporation of spray over the rough water remained uncertain, stressing the need for flux measurements along with simultaneous spray data to quantify spray's contribution to the turbulent air-water enthalpy fluxes.


Aerodynamic Roughness; Heat Content; Parameterization; Turbulent Fluxes; Air-sea Interaction