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Master of Science (MS)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (Engineering)

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Antonio Nanni

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Ronald Zollo

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Carol Hays


Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems have shown great promise in strengthening reinforced concrete structures. These systems are a viable option for use as external reinforcement because of their light weight, resistance to corrosion, and high strength. These systems, externally bonded in the form of sheets or laminates, have shown to increase the flexural and more recently the shear capacity of members. Major concerns of the system are issues related to the bond strength and premature peeling especially when reentrant corners are present. The objectives of this study were to verify the effectiveness of carbon FRP (CFRP) laminates on an I-section beam with no anchorage and to determine the feasibility of using an anchorage system to prevent premature debonding. The two types of anchorage systems used were a horizontal CFRP laminate and glass FRP (GFRP) spikes. These anchorage systems verified that the use of anchorage on I-shaped beams can prevent premature debonding of the laminate and allow the specimens to achieve a higher shear capacity. Recommendations for future research of such systems are also presented.


Shear Strengtheing; I-section; Anchorage; GFRP Spikes; CFRP Laminate