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Music Education and Music Therapy (Music)

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The purpose of this study was to compare student and teacher perceptions of classroom management in secondary band rehearsals in Florida schools. Twenty-one schools participated with ensemble teachers (N = 34) and their students (N = 749). Participants were surveyed collecting information for the variables of teacher expectations, teacher behaviors, teacher expectation congruency, teacher behavior congruency, and student rehearsal conduct. Demographic information was also collected for teachers, students, and schools. Descriptive analyses reveal that teachers and students had similar mean scores, however teachers consistently had higher mean scores for teacher expectations and teacher behaviors. MANOVA results suggest that teachers and students have different interpretations of teacher expectations. Regression results found that teacher expectations congruency, teacher gender, and teacher experience level were predictors of student rehearsal conduct. The majority of participating teachers claimed that student misbehavior was not a problem they were consistently addressing. When asked for reasons why they feel students misbehave, the largest response placed fault with the students, followed by performance-related, family-related, and the least accountable was teacher-related.


Classroom Management; Band; Teacher and Student Behaviors; Rehearsal Conduct; Communication