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Traveling is a way of expanding your perspective, which allows you to experiment with different genders of identity. Cuban children in Luyano spend much time outside of their home, or traveling "in the sense that they are exposed to worlds outside of their immediate family. Using the character of Lil Eva as a literary device. I hope to demonstrated the ways in which travel influences your identity. Simultaneously her adventures in Luyano demonstrate the fluidity of interaction between people of different ages and lifestyles. While this sort of fluidity exists in many cultures, I believe the economic pressures present in Cuba create an elevated level of tolerance and sympathy for people whose lifestyle is dependent on illicit activities. This tolerance is tangible throughout Cuban society, kind of...Ultimately the use of Lil Eva to convey the anecdotes serves to keep the reader conscious of the fact that no research is unbiased, and there is no way for the researcher to isolate their research from their personal experiences.


Fluidity; Cuba; Travel; Children; Socialization; Gender