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Apparent digestibility coefficient values of a novel strain of non-GMO soybean meal, Navita®, and an industry standard soybean meal (defatted soybean meal/roasted solvent-extracted), were evaluated for juvenile cobia, Rachycentron canadum. During the course of this 4-week feed trial, it was determined that Navita® has a high degree of protein and energy digestibility as well as amino acid availability, outperforming the regular soybean meal for nearly every analyzed component of the feed. Crude protein digestibility for the ingredients Navita® and regular soybean meal were calculated to be 81.83% and 68.51%, respectively, while energy digestibility values were found to be 62.65% and 38.83%, respectively. Amino acid availability for the Navita® ingredient ranged from 68.32-108.68 %, while amino acid availability for the RSBM ingredient was between 41.48-97.85%. The findings of this trial suggest that Navita® has high potential to serve as a fishmeal replacement in aquaculture feeds for cobia.


Aquaculture; Digestibility; Soybean Meal; Fish Nutrition; Cobia