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Musicology (Music)

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Prince of Haiti/King of Paris is an original theatre piece containing eighteenth-century period recreations of the music, dance, opera and ritual on the French colonial island of Saint-Domingue, now Haiti. The reconstructions, several of which have not heretofore been attempted, include the French Baroque style, African heritage, and styles including both of these influences. They are based on the descriptive writings of Moreau de Saint-Méry (Martinique 1750 Paris 1819). The script centers on the life of this noted French Caribbean jurist and journal writer, who found himself at the helm of the French Revolution on Bastille Day, and at the hub of a scandal that rocked both Paris and Saint-Domingue when he was appointed governor of the island. Was Moreau de Saint-Méry an abolitionist? This question is passionately debated in the courtroom scene at the climax of the theatre piece. The thesis includes descriptions of the research behind the theatrical piece, and of the creative process including multiple workshops, and the script in English with footnotes, and in French.


Minette; Moreau De Saint-Mery