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Marine Affairs and Policy (Marine)

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Environmental education, particularly marine science education, is an emerging discipline. Evaluations of existing programs are necessary and best practices must continue to be developed. Students from Miami Science Museum’s Upward Bound Math and Science program participated in a new series of environmentally focused activities called the Eco-Ambassadors program. This program consisted of seven activities, including kayaking, habitat restoration, and a film workshop. An assessment of the Eco-Ambassadors program, consisting of a pre-survey and a post-survey, was conducted for this study in order to determine the success of the program. The surveys assessed student’s experiences, interests, knowledge, and attitudes. No statistically significant difference was found between the pre-surveys and the post-surveys; however, responses tend to indicate a positive experience for the students and potential positive gains in interests and knowledge. It is recommended that the program continue and that evaluations continue in order to get a more complete, long-term overview of the program.


marine science education; environmental education; evaluation; Upward Bound