The SunSet

Alejandro L. Nodarse, University of Miami


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When Iggy Guerra returns home from prison, he finds that his family is still struggling with the aftermath of the events that sent him away. Iggy joins the family business in hopes of improving his family’s current situation, but when he discovers that their business is less than ethical, he is forced to choose between doing what's best for him and doing what's best for his family. As Iggy navigates the grey areas surrounding the truth about his new life, his perceptions of his family and of himself are tested as his journey thrusts him under the bright lights Wynwood and plunges him into the murky depth of the Everglades. The SunSet is a story of redemption and forgiveness that examines the complex lines of identity and community while capturing the dangerously seductive vibe that pulses from a diversely gritty city and its inhabitants.