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The residential community of the Islands of Cocoplum is located in Coral Gables, Florida along Biscayne Bay. It has served as a case study for mangrove mitigation techniques employed by Miami-Dade County's Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) Coastal Resources division as a way of combating mangrove destruction. A database was created using Microsoft Excel and ArcGIS to identify and map all Class I coastal construction permits and mangrove violations since the onset of the Cocoplum Development in the 1980's through 2011. By identifying the mitigation strategies used by the County, it can be determined if mangrove mitigation effort has lessened, worsened, or had no effect on mangrove destruction. Mangrove mitigation and violations were examined temporally and spatially within the Development. Over the 31-year period RER's strategies for dealing with mangrove destruction have changed from on-site planting to accepting donations for larger, more extensive projects throughout the County, but mangrove mitigation and violation events have not been reduced within the Development. By examining what strategies have been successful in coping with and abating mangrove destruction the County can apply these techniques to other areas. This database also provides a comprehensive collection of Class I permits, violations, and mitigation projects associated with each property, which can serve County officials in making informed decisions with regards to future permits and mangrove work.


Mangrove mitigation; Mangrove destruction; Cocoplum Development; Miami-Dade County; South Florida