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Master of Arts (MA)


Public Relations (Communication)

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Wan-Hsiu S. Tsai

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Bruce Garrison

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Shannon B. Campbell


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and cause-related marketing (CRM) are playing key roles in public relations strategies in current business world. This research acknowledges the facts that there are enormous and growing demand and market of CRM campaigns in developing countries, and that companies in developing countries are in urgent need of guidance on implementing CRM practices that comply with cultural traits when they refer to successful CRM campaigns in developed countries. Aiming to understand the influence of culture on CRM practices, and to propel the development of CRM in developing areas, this cross-cultural comparative study identifies and analyzes similarities and differences of two CRM campaigns targeting to two different cultures, Product (RED) in U.S. and OPPO Red in China, based on Hofstede’s typology of cultural dimensions. The findings suggest that the cultural influence was witnessed in both Product (RED) and OPPO Red campaign. Limitations of this research study, and theoretical and practical implications for further studies and CRM practices are enclosed.


Cause-Related Marketing; Culture; Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory; Product (RED); OPPO; Case Study