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Parental rejection of LGB youth appears to be common and has been found to negatively affect the adjustment of LGB youth. Factors associated with parental rejection, however, have not been thoroughly examined in the literature thus far. Therefore, the current study investigated if sociocultural variables, specifically homonegativity, gender role beliefs, and disgust sensitivity, are associated with parental rejection and, furthermore, if parental rejection mediate the relationship between these sociocultural variables and LGB youth adjustment. Participants in the multi-ethnic sample included 93 parents of LGB youth (ages 32-71) and 93 LGB youth (ages 14-25). Parental homonegativity and traditional gender role beliefs, but not disgust sensitivity, were found to be positively associated with parental rejection. Parental rejection was found to be a mediator for some youth adjustment outcomes, specifically internalizing problems and personal adjustment. Implications for future research and clinical work with this population are discussed.


parents of gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth; LGB; mental health; parental rejection; lesbian, gay, and bisexual; adolescents