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Psychology (Arts and Sciences)

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Amanda Jensen-Doss

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Sierra Bainter

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Raymond Balise


Measurement based care (MBC) aims to improve client outcomes by providing clinicians with routine mental health outcome data. Despite its utility, MBC is rarely used in practice. The Monitoring and Feedback Attitudes Scale (MFA) and Attitudes Towards Standardized Assessment Scales – Monitoring and Feedback (ASA-MF) (Jensen-Doss et al., 2016) hold potential to identify attitudinal barriers to MBC among clinicians, but their psychometric properties have only been examined in a single sample. This study replicates and expands upon previous examinations of the MFA and ASA-MF using a sample of community mental health clinicians. Participants include 164 clinicians recruited across 12 sites in Indiana and Tennessee. The reported factor structures and longitudinal invariance were tested with CFA models and multilevel modeling was used to assess sensitivity to change. Both measures demonstrated adequate fit to their factor structures across time. All subscales showed strong internal consistency and construct validity. Given that clinician attitudes are an important determinant of MBC use and consequently implementation, the MFA and ASA-MF fill an important research to practice gap.


attitude measures; measurement based care; evidence based practice; psychological assessment; therapists

Available for download on Thursday, July 30, 2020