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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science (Arts and Sciences)

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Dilip Sarkar

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Burton Rosenberg

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Uttam Sarkar

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Huseyin Kocak

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Akmal Younis


In this thesis, a new transport protocol, the Concurrent Multi-Path Real-time Transmission Control Protocol (cmpRTCP) is proposed. The proposed protocol has been designed to handle real-time streams (video and audio) over IP-networks. One of the key strengths of this protocol lies in its ability to intelligently exploit the availability of multiple paths between multi-homed hosts for concurrent transmission of unicast real-time streams. This work describes the architecture and operation of cmpRTCP in detail. In addition, the limitations of currently used transport protocols in handling real-time streams are also discussed. These limitations of other protocols have played a vital role in the design process of the proposed protocol. Experiments to evaluate the performance of cmpRTCP against other protocols and the results obtained therein are also documented in this work. Results show that cmpRTCP is a best effort protocol that tries to maximize the amount of data that is successfully delivered to the destination in a timely manner under varying drop and delay conditions of the network.


Real Time; Computer Networks; Transport Protocols