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quasi-geostrophy, mesoscale eddies, geophysical fluid dynamics




This is a finite-difference, two-layer, quasi-geosotrophic model. The governing equations are the conservation of potential vorticity in each layer with added viscous terms and forcing (Pedlosky, 1987). This model simulates the dynamics of mesoscale currents. The nonlinear term is discretized with Arakawa energy, enstrophy and symmetry conserving scheme. Doubly-periodic boundary conditions are applied. To compile, please, type "make all".


Table of contents

fftw3.a, Fourier transform libraries.

fftw3.f03, FFTW3.F90: auxiliary files for Fourier transform libraries.

Please, see for additional information.

Makefile: This file is used to compile the executable and clean the folder.

QG_RK.F90: Main file which solves the governing equations.

RK.F90: Module for different time-marching schemes.

RHS.F90: Module for computing the right-hand side of the governing equations.

FORCING.F90: Module for different forcing functions.

QGPARAMS.F90: Module for some auxiliary parameters.

ELLIPTIC.F90: Module for solving elliptic problem.

DIAGNOSTICS.F90: Module for computing the diagnostics (energy and enstrophy).

AUX.F90: Module for some frequently used functions.

Please see README_MODEL.txt for a detailed description of the model.