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Field Observations, Monterey Bay, Air-Sea Interaction, Drag Coefficient, Inner shelf, Nearshore Processes, Marine Atmospheric Surface Layer, Ocean waves




The dataset collected here represents the processed and quality-controlled information used in the analysis and presentation of the manuscript, “Observations of Air-Sea Momentum Flux Variability across the Inner Shelf” by the authors listed above, which is published by AGU in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans. Unless specifically noted in the data file’s header/metadata information or in this document, all of the data contained within this set was collected from instrumentation mounted aboard the rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) deployed as part of the CLASI field study on the June 13, 2016. These measurements were made within Monterey Bay directly offshore of Marina State Beach in Marina, CA. The observations were made roughly from 16:00 through 23:55 UTC. These data were used to conduct the analysis presented in the above manuscript and were used to generate the information given in the figures and tables within the article. The user is referred to the text for details regarding methodology. The data are provided here as ASCII-text data that should be readable by most analytical software packages. Floating-point values were written with at least 8 digits (extra digits were needed when writing serial time values). Two additional, open-access datasets were used for this study, they are not included in this dataset and the user is referred to the text for details regarding these data. All inquiries about the data (e.g. access to lower level or high-frequency data) should be directed to the corresponding author. The published article related to this data is: Ortiz‐Suslow, D.G., B.K. Haus, N.J. Williams, H.C. Graber, and J.H MacMahan. (2018), Observations of Air‐Sea Momentum Flux Variability across the Inner Shelf, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans,



1. README (this document)

2. CLASI_all_flux.dat (direct momentum flux values for CLASI from the RHIB, Figure 5)

3. June13_RHIBdata.dat (data specific to manuscript, used to generate Figure 7-13, Tables 2-4)

4. June13_SAR_WindField_LON.grid (SAR-derived wind field: longitude, Figure 1)

5. June13_SAR_WindField_LAT.grid (SAR-derived wind field: latitude)

6. June13_SAR_WindField_SPD.grid (SAR-derived wind field: wind speed [m/s])

7. June13_SAR_WindField_DIR.grid (SAR-derived wind field: wind direction [degrees from])

8. June13_shoredata.dat (supporting data from shore site, Figure 6)


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