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Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation, temperature dissipation, nonbreaking waves, laboratory studies, ocean waves, turbulence, infrared imaging, surface layer, viscous fluid




This dataset is associated to the NSF OCE/Physical Oceanography funded project “Laboratory Investigation of Turbulence Generation by Surface Waves”. There are three papers in preparation that will refer to data contained within this archive. The overarching goal of this project was to address a significant knowledge gap regarding the turbulent dissipation of non-breaking surface waves. To accomplish this, a comprehensive study in the SUrge-STructure-Atmosphere-INteraction (SUSTAIN) wind-wave laboratory at the University of Miami was conducted. A combination of established measurement approaches (Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Vertical Microstructure Profiler (VMP)) and new technologies (Optical Turbulence Sensor (OTS)) have been used carry out the measurements of energy and temperature dissipation under non- breaking waves. Specifically, these are the data originally collected during a series of lab experiments in SUSTAIN in Nov, 2017. All data are based on standardized lab-based observations. Over the 1-month study, TKE and temperature dissipation rate was measure in a variety of conditions, ranging from young waves (high wind speed to wave speed ratio) to old waves (low wind speed to wave speed ratio). The result showed that the short surface waves played a critical role in the generation of turbulence under the nonbreaking waves. This turbulence was modulated by the long waves. These data provide empirical evidence for the parameterization of dissipation related nonbreaking waves.


This dataset contains 6 folders which are the data collected from corresponding instruments. The .csv file names correspond with figures that have been prepared for publication. Data in all other .csv files are originally collected data that has not yet be processed.


The folders contained within this data set are:

  • Wave_gauge_2017_NOV (surface elevation data collected by capacitance wave gauges at 100 hz)
  • VMP_2017_NOV (water temperature, velocity shear and pressure collected by a vertical microstructure profiler (Rockland Scientific, VMP) at a sample rate of 512 hz.
  • VECTRINO_2017_NOV (3-D water velocity collected by Nortek Vectrino acoustic velocity profiler at a sample rate of 100 hz.
  • UDM_IGRASON_2017_NOV (Surface level elevation collected by SENIX toughsonic ultrasonic distance meters at a sample rate of 20 hz as well as air temperature, humidity, and wind velocity, collected by a Cambell IRGASON sonic anemometer at a sample rate of 20 hz.
  • IR_camera_2017_NOV (Surface infrared camera at 30hz; Calibration data is included; IR data was not included due to its large size and it could be reached by contacting
  • doc_NSF_2017_NOV (a set of document files that describe the specific location of the different instruments included in the data set as well as a schedule of runs at different wave conditions).


This data is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License: