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We introduce a new method of replacing spin operators with pseudofermions. For a spin value S there are 2S pseudofermions each of which can have spin ‘‘up’’ or ‘‘down’’. In contrast to the standard Abrikosov method which has 2S+1 inequivalent fermions, i.e., one for each Sz value, the present pairs are all equivalent. It follows that the general spin expression is obtained by multiplying the S=(1/2 result by a ceratin combinational factor. This aids in the construction of rotationally invariant solutions for the general-spin Kondo problem for the case when n≤2S, where n is the number of conduction-electron scattering channels.


S. E. Barnes, Physical Review B, 37, 2220-2222, 1988. "Copyright © 1988 by the American Physical Society.”

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.37.2220