Nicole Wank

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2016


The Chicago River’s past tells stories of exploration and transformation. Its present story is plagued by pollution. Its future’s story is at the mercy of human’s actions today. Rainy days in the Chicago area bring sewage to the river, putting the health of local people, plants, and animals at risk. Friends of the Chicago River’s Overflow Action Days campaign encourages Chicagoans to decrease their water usage during heavy rainstorms to prevent sewage from entering the Chicago River. The campaign, however, has reached a limited number of people thus far. This project sought to expand the Overflow Action Days audience to include Chicago Public School students. Students received an educational presentation, and surveys were used to evaluate the presentation’s ability to evoke changes in behavior, attitude, and knowledge. It was found that the presentation was able to promote slight changes in behavior, attitude, and knowledge. Students reported barriers that prevented them from changing behaviors. This information should be taken into account as the Overflow Action Days campaign expands.


Division: MES

MPS Track: MCO

Location: Friends of the Chicago River

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