Harry Ganz

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2015


The Reef Visual Census (RVC) is a multi-agency survey of reef fishes carried out biennially in South Florida. In the past, anyone wishing to produce summary statistics from the RVC data would either have to request it from someone familiar with the survey design, or they would need to produce their own, which required detailed knowledge of the survey design. In order to reduce the bottlenecking and duplication of effort in this process, a statistical package was produced in the programming language, R, which computes standard summary statistics used by scientists and managers familiar with the RVC data. In addition, an RVC database and web application were produced using the Rails framework in the Ruby programming language to serve as the back-end of the R package, and to allow for further development of software capable of analyzing the RVC data.


Department: MBF

MPS track: FSC

Location: NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center (Miami, FL )

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