Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2016


The goal of this project was to develop a more efficient methodology for coral monitoring data collection resulting in reduced data entry times and improved data accuracy. My project utlilizes South Florida and Caribbean Networks (SFCN) Coral Monitoring Protocol V. 1.0 which depicts the current methodology of coral data collection and data input. I have applied advances in technology to create a modified coral data collection process, by transforming the current paper collection method into a digital format on an iOS-based tablet computer (iPad). This process was aided through a program called FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, which combines an interactive data entry form as well as a database to hold the collected coral data. FileMaker Pro has an extension to its’ desktop software, called FileMaker Go, which allows the mobile use of desktop created databases. The data entry form is then transfered to iPad and secured within the iDive housing- allowing underwater in situ collection of coral disease and species data and photographs. A series of quality assurance checks have been programmed into the data entry process to reduce user error. Data files are exported from FileMaker into xls format and merged with the primary SFCN Access coral database. Photos are also exported automatically and assigned with SFCN standarized file nomenclature. This new digital data collection methodology is designed to greatly reduce time, task loading, and data incosistencay associated with the current coral mointoring protocol.


MPS Track: CSU

Location: South Florida/ Caribbean Network: National Park Service

Department: MES

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