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Internship Report

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Spring 2014


The year 2009 marked the well-established invasion of the Indo-Pacific lionfish within Biscayne National Park waters. At that time, management practices addressed removals and monitoring but did not actively address education and outreach goals. The implementation of the 2012 National Park Service Lionfish Response plan recognizes the need to engage citizens, and create an "active public." By collaborating with the Park's Interpretation division, this project has furthered educational and outreach efforts by delivering lionfish presentations and dissections labs to middle and high school students and similar presentations for local businesses such as dive ships, clubs, and other community organizations. Over 1,110 local stakeholders participated in this program, effectively achieving and exceeding all set goals. Evaluative surveys completed by student participants indicate program success.


Department: MAF

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Location: Biscayne National Park

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