Amanda Short

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2013


With a landscape susceptible to climate change and sea level rise, Everglades National Park aims to be proactive in addressing climate change and educating its visitors about the subject. This internship project extended park communications about climate change to help fulfill that goal. The breadth of information about climate change on the park’s website was expanded and allows visitors to learn at their leisure or before they travel to the park. Signs were posted to highlight and explain the “green” and “carbon friendly” practices within the park. Children’s activities incorporating climate change were created for use by environmental education staff or the Junior Ranger Program. The abundance of information about climate change and what the park is doing to address it is unparalleled by any other National Park Service unit


Department: MPO

MPS Track: WFC

Location: Everglades National Park (Homestead, FL)

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