Leah Ray

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Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2013


With the creation of a skin care line, Rā Skincare, the intention is to increase environmental awareness and conservation through development and marketing of a natural marine-based skincare line. By creating a line based on scientifically researched wild-crafted, sustainable harvested marine ingredients, Rā Skincare can attempt to save the coral reefs, marine algae and ocean life. The mission of the line is to inform the public that Rā Skincare has utilized pharmaceutical research on marine ingredients that have been sustainable harvested in an effort to help eliminate the eradication of the marine resources which are rich in healing nutrients. Rā Skincare intends to link the public understanding of conservation to the marketing of marine products that heal the skin from the inside out, on a cellular level. By targeting conscious educated consumers who rely on scientific research to finalize their skincare purchases, Rā Skincare will help to bridge the advertising and sale of the product with the fight to preserve the health of the oceans.


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