Joy Middleton

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2012


Veterinary medicine is a significant aspect of marine animal care worldwide, contributing to preventive medicine, treatment, and efficient response to animals in distress and/or under rehabilitative care. The Miami Seaquarium, established in 1955, houses cetaceans, pinnipeds, and multiple bird species and is a rehabilitation center for sea turtles and manatees. During my internship at the Miami Seaquarium, I gained experience as a veterinary technician, described and consolidated veterinary technician laboratory procedures and techniques, and was assigned a project. The project included the analysis of artificial milk formulas for manatees and sea lions. The broader goal of my internship was to contribute to the improved care and well-being of the different animal species at the Miami Seaquarium.


Department: MBF

MPS Track: MMS

Location: Miami Seaquarium (Miami, FL)

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