Robert Moore

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2011


This paper examines my internship over the past three months at the not-for-profit New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. The aquarium’s penguin exhibit, outreach programs, and conservation efforts are a prime example of an organization taking steps to further protect the endangered and threatened statuses of the world’s penguin populations. Due to popular culture movies such as “Happy Feet” and “March of the Penguins,” as well as organizations like the New England Aquarium, people have become more aware of the threats towards penguin populations, and are making greater efforts for conservation. As a penguin intern, I was in charge of many aspects of the penguin exhibit: sorting the penguin food, cleaning the exhibit, cleaning to man-made rocks/penguin islands of the exhibit, feeding the penguins, recording their feed input, recording the penguin behaviors, cleaning the staff office, and communicating with aquarium patrons when they asked questions during my time in the exhibit The New England Aquarium is vital in the preservation of penguins worldwide, especially the four located in their exhibits: Little Blue penguins, African penguins, and Northern and Southern Rockhopper penguins. Through initiatives like the “Penguin Talk”, Live Blue, and Species Survival Plan, the New England Aquarium educates the public on shopping sustainably and provides suggestions how on they can contribute both physically and financially. The research at the aquarium, along with the connections between various aquariums, is ongoing with the hope that growth rates will increase with strong breeding programs and aid from the public.


Department: MAF

MPS Track: None

Location: New England Aquarium ( Boston, Massachusetts)

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