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Spring 2009


This internship was conducted through a National Science Foundation science education fellowship entitled Science Made Sensible (SMS). The fellowship entails a year long collaboration between a Miami-Dade Public School System middle school science teacher and a University of Miami graduate student fellow who is pursuing an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering or math discipline. This partnership was formed in order to develop and implement an enhanced science curriculum guided by the graduate student’s experience in science and current field of study. SMS emphasized a curriculum based on National Science Education Standards and Florida Sunshine State Standards. In addition, the graduate fellow taught science that stressed the interrelationship between science, technology and science-related social issues. Year long observation and informal interviews with the students along with end-of-the year surveys were conducted to evaluate the impacts of the teaching method and new curriculum to middle school students. It was observed that by connecting science directly to its function and purpose in society, student interest and participation increased. Student engagement and attitude towards the interdisciplinary curriculum was extremely optimistic, showing high student involvement and positive attitudes.


Department: MAF

Location: Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Science Made Sensible

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