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Internship Report

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Spring 2007


It is estimated that historic populations of all seven remaining species of sea turtles numbered in the tens of millions; however, populations now number in the thousands. Sea turtles face many threats in today’s modern world, especially in Florida. One such threat is human encroachment on turtle nesting and hatching grounds. Sea turtles typically come ashore to nest at night and need quiet, dark beaches. Several human impacts to nesting, incubating and hatchling turtles occur on Florida’s beaches. Light pollution, beach restoration projects, real estate development, pollution and direct human interaction are a few threats, which if not dealt with may lead to the extinction of these Jurassic-era creatures. Ironically, human intervention and integrated coastal management plans are now necessary to protect critical nesting grounds and minimize human impacts. These future interventions and management plans will be vital to the protection of the reproduction aspect of sea turtles’ life history and are necessary to ensure their survival in Florida.


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