Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 1999


This internship report will document work done at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Coastal Services Center (CSC) in Charleston, South Carolina from September 1998 to June 1999. The general focus of this work addresses a national effort to provide accurate digital United States shoreline data for use in computer applications such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The report provides a brief outline on the background of shoreline mapping endeavors in the United States, it identifies several problems relating to the availability of data, and explains the need for efforts to produce better shoreline documentation. It also examines the history, status, and future direction of a current project that involves several federal and private industry participants. The remaining portion of the report is devoted to the presentation of a training manual developed specifically for this activity. The manual introduces the user with moderate computer skills and little to no GIS experience to the theory behind georeferencing shoreline maps and the implementation via a particular software package, namely, the Geographic Transformer by Blue Marble Geographies.



MPS Track: None

Location: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coastal Services Center, Charleston South Carolina

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