Connor Pregizer

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2017


My internship at City TV this summer was both informative as well as formative. I worked alongside the weather team in one of the biggest markets in North America and was privy to the day to day operations of a major news station. The experience was invaluable. While not exactly what I expected it to be, the summer proved rife with learning opportunities and left me with plenty of fuel to address my initial research question. As stated in my internship proposal, the goals of my summer were simple, to learn how to complete the day-to-day tasks of a broadcast meteorologist at a professional level. However this learning was not to take place in a vacuum, but rather in a context of understanding the role of a broadcast meteorologist in the current media landscape. In other words, I not only wanted to learn how to do all the tasks of a broadcast meteorologist, but also how to do them most effectively for an audience in our modern, digital age. My placement at City TV was perfect for this investigation, because their upper management has a very particular vision for their weathercast. Their vision is one that emphasizes certain beliefs that clash with the prevailing wisdom I was exposed to during my time at the University of Miami. Therefore a discussion of my interpretation of their news strategy, as developed during my summer of exposure to their practices, should prove a valuable tool in answering my informal research proposal.


Department: ATM

MPS Track: BME

Location: Rogers Media/City TV Toronto

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