Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2018


Local leaders have come to acknowledge that there is an importance to Mount Namuli’s forests that goes beyond the current inhabitants, that is, the value of biodiversity itself and sustainability for future generations. National and international organizations have attempted but failed to decrease deforestation and protect Namuli’s remaining high-altitude forest. Current efforts to engage the community and push forward community conservation are hampered by our current limited understanding of the Namuli people. In this paper, our objective is to ascertain how media can be used to obtain a more comprehensive understanding and narrative of how local cultures and conservation interact, overcoming the primary obstacles of field logistics and the sociocultural challenges inherent when working as an outsider. Our approach requires ethnographic research, and understanding and communicating on a more personal level, garnering the trust of the mountain communities through interactive participation. We use five methods of media collection, each offering a unique perspective in the recording of data, granting the viewer an inside perspective of a location, activity, or experience. We expect the multifaceted nature of this approach to enhance the narrative through media and honest reporting of the cultural, historical, spiritual and economic resources and rationales that may exist for preserving Namuli’s sky-island ecosystem.


Department: MES

MPS Track: ESC

Location: Mozambique

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