Beth Beals

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2018


Pressures of the global economy and shipping industry drive the development and infrastructure of ports worldwide. Ports are striving to provide service reliability, time efficiency, resource conservation, environmental protection, and high security to existing clients and future businesses all within the port’s jurisdiction. With proper management and environmental policy, coastal developments and the shipping industry can grow and improve while minimizing impacts on the environment for future generations. This document serves as a reference to Port Everglades history and development over the past century to provide for South Florida’s needs while maintaining careful, ecologically sound growth. Three primary facets of the environmental management were a study of the impacts of port operation on manatees, a survey of the native plants and trees on port property, and a project to improve overall navigation within the port. The first two demonstrate environmental stewardship going above environmental compliance expectations and the Navigation Improvement Project illustrates how the Port strives to minimize coral impacts to the maximum extent possible and uphold sound coral mitigation, management and restoration practices.


Department: MES

MPS Track: CZM

Location: Broward County, Port Everglades

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