Jingyuan Lou

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Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2019


Underwater scientific research activities include special techniques such as reef surveys, deep sea species identification, underwater archaeology and other activities requiring an advanced level of specific scientific diving training. As a scientific diver, cave diver and diving instructor focusing on environmental awareness in China, there is a recognized need to train divers in this part of the world with proper and safe skills for underwater exploration and citizen science projects. Both of these areas are experiencing growth within the Chinese diving industry. After attending different diving related exploration projects and citizen science activities in China, there has been the realization that many divers have an interest in pursuing more detailed underwater exploration and citizen science projects both locally in China and globally. The focus of this project is to design diving workshops and standardized course programs for open water divers to help them become better divers, so they can contribute constructively to expeditions and citizen science projects with the understanding of acceptable risks. Through this course curriculum development, divers will obtain opportunities to develop and increase their awareness of environmental conservation, sustainable development and aquatic animal protection, fulfilling a need that is currently not being addressed in the training of divers in Chinese markets. This internship project is divided into two parts. The first part centers around designing a system of technical diving workshops for divers who are interested in gaining technical diving training experience in specialties such as Sidemount Diving, Dry-Suit Diver, Diver-Propulsion-Vehicles and Closed-Circuit Rebreathers. The second part of the internship focuses on designing the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Project Aware activities and standardizing scientific diving specialty courses in the PADI curriculum in China. The organization Better Blue, a popular marine conservation non-profit in China, is interested in hosting events incorporating this curriculum into their activities around citizen science and raising awareness of the need to better stewards of the marine environment in addition to being good divers. Finally, this project has also initiated a “Citizen Science Research Diver” specialty certification for Greater China Region. This curriculum and training processes are now in the design and proofreading phase. Eventually, this new specialty course would be taught to college students and the public, further expanding their ability to do underwater research and contribute to scientific discovery. The diving community in China is quickly growing and there is a need and a desire for certified divers to expand their skills and involvement in exploratory diving and citizen science. As a result, PADI and other diving professionals in this region are supporting the creation of this curriculum and training in the Chinese market.


Department: MES

MPS Track: ESC

Location: PADI China

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