Megan Gleason

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2015


Miami-Dade County municipalities are limited in what they can do in order to fight for climate resilience and sustainability due to scarce funding, lack of political support from the state, and lack of the jurisdiction that some issues require, but there are still things they have done and can do to work independently. A survey completed by 31 of 34 municipalities in the County showed that each municipality is on a different level when it comes to actions each has been able to take towards climate resilience and sustainability. Miami Beach has taken the most actions and can be looked to as a leader by other municipalities. Municipalities can also look to municipalities outside the County and even the Country’s Climate Action Plans as models for change and inspiration for what can happen in the future.


Department: MAF

MPS Track: CSU

Location: The village of Pinecrest, Miami-Dade county( FL)

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