Kyle Neumuller

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Fall 2015


The objective of this report is to detail the work completed by Kyle Neumuller, in his internship with Land and Sea Surveying Concepts, Inc. from May 11, 2015 thru November 25, 2015. Specifically, the work done on the planning and execution of a bathymetric survey of Port Lafito in Lafiteau, Haiti for Land and Sea’s client Gilbert Bigio Group to determine the progress on the current dredging project taking place at the port. Gilbert Bigio Group, a U.S. based company, is a “diversified group of industrial and trading companies” that is providing its resources, capabilities, and experience to attract international investors to Haiti, a country where infrastructure is lacking (Gilbert Bigio Group, 2014). The expedition took place from July 28, 2015 thru August 1, 2015. This report will include the planning of the expedition beginning with the proposal for the work, the funding of the job, and the transportation to Lafiteau, Haiti from Merritt Island, Florida. The report will discuss the objective of the job; the equipment and tools needed to complete the job; and how the equipment and tools were transported to, or obtained in Haiti. An overview of Land and Sea Surveying Concepts, Inc.’s surveying capabilities will also be discussed. The expedition will then be examined to determine what went well and what could be improved upon for future expeditions with a similar objective. A single-beam sonar system was used to complete the bathymetric survey. A return expedition that occurred from November 22, 2015 thru November 24, 2015 will also be discussed to compare what was learned from the planning and execution of the first expedition.


Department : MAF

MPS Track: ECS

Location: Land and Sea Surveying Concepts, Inc.

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