Tracy Nolan

Document Type

Internship Report

Publication Date

Spring 2016


Due to the promising increase of plastic pollution in the worlds oceans, the level of education and outreach associated with this issue must also increase. Miami, Florida is a hot spot for marine debris with a great need for additional educuation and clean ups as it pertains to marine debris. Debris Free Oceans was created in 2014 by Caiti Pomerance and two former University of Florida classmates to tackle the marine debris issue in Miami. This project was created to build Debris Free Oceans in reference to the short term goals of the six pillars designated under the mission statement: (1) education, (2) policy, (3) research, (4) lifestyle awareness events, (5) sustainability consulting, and (6) beacn clean ups. These goals were accomplished using three methods: (1) partnerships and collaboration, (2) organizational content and outreach and (3) social media.


Department: MES

MPS Track: MCO

Location: Debris Free Oceans

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